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“Safire is an amazing performer! Not because of her incredible circus acts, mind-blowing skills, and impossible feats – but because of her act is funny, entertaining and interactive. Safire manages to turn a skillful act into a charismatic and engaging act, something that many professional entertainers don’t do. The audience doesn’t just watch Safire … they become a part of an unforgettable evening.”
Yeats Wong
Past President The Calgary Magic Circle

“Wow, what can I say, Safire is simply a great performer. She loves what she does and brings it to the public with joy.”
Dan Miethke
Lead Artist & Fire Coach Cirque du Soleil

“Not only is SaFire one of the world’s most skilled technical hoop performers, she has stage presence and style to match!
She is without a doubt one of the world’s leading fire artists…”

Robert Horner
Fire Dance Productions, Australia

“It’s astounding how much talent this performer has!”
AmberLynn Walker
Sideshow Performer

“Great act! It’s not so often I see new stuff with hoops and I was really into your work! Thanks for the show!”
Wes Peden
Award winning International Juggler

Previous Clients

“I’ve booked a lot of fire performers over the years and SaFire is by far the most memorable.”
Michael Sheppard
Screamfest, Calgary

“Your roving acts and stage show command such energy and warmth that really drew the crowd to watch you perform. You truly left a lasting impression with our audience; having received many wonderful comments. You have a wonderful approach to children; having such a positive impact on them. You were a pleasure to work with and we look forward to working with you in the future.”

Marla Welk
Carlton Park, Chair
COCL, Executive Director

“Safire was the perfect entertainer for our special event.  She is positive, enthusiastic and a pleasure to work with.  Her three hoop fire performance impressed and entertained everyone. Her and the other characters she brought along were also able to adapt to special requests we had for our event.  I highly recommend Safire and we would definitely book her again!”
Brad Guldemond
Pastor of Worship & Creative Arts
Gateway Alliance Church

“It was a pleasure dealing with SaFire Dance and we appreciated the professionalism conducted throughout the entire process. The audience was mesmerized by the hoop show and the roving was loved by the children. SaFire puts on a fun, creative, entertaining performance for all ages to enjoy! Bentall Kennedy would highly recommend SaFire Dance to any of our clients looking for event entertainment.”
Haylie Dudley
Bental Kennedy Canada LP

“My first impressions of SaFire was awe… throwing fire around to music while contorting in ways only a skilled professional could master.  However, the fire performances were breath taking, what impressed me and many others was the side line interaction with young and old.  A lot of giggles and laughing could be heard around the faire which drew interest from all areas of the grounds.  Since our Medieval Faire has finished I am still receiving positive comments about the fun people had.  I can’t wait for SaFire to return to our faire next year.”
Brooks Medieval Faire Participant
P. Hauser

“Highly entertaining… Marvellous job!”
John Collison
South Point Hotel, Las Vegas

“The entertainment was AMAZING!! The fire show was great, and the commentary and jokes were very entertaining as well. Loved the witty banter with the audience. People stood on their chairs so they wouldn’t miss a minute of the show.”
Orest Popil,
Vermilion Fire Department

“Safire’s versatility, adaptability, & professionalism makes her an event organizer’s dream.”
Petra Studer
Astral Harvest, Alberta

“Thank you so much to you and your team for such a wonderful, top notch performance.” When asked about the fire show: “We loved it, that is for sure! She blow us out of the water!”
Drake Farmer
Gateway Alliance Church

“Safire has gone on to become one of the world’s greatest hoopers.”
Colin Maclea
The Edmonton Sun

“She has amazing skills with multiple fire hoops & is a pleasure to watch.”
Louise Elms
Southern Lights, England

“It was amazing. Not only did she put on a very unique show she had a powerful message.”
High School Student
CLSC, Canada

“It was awesome. They loved you!”
Sandra Dorowicz
Co-Chair CSLC 2009